Finding our passion in life can sometimes feel like you’re a hamster running on a never-ending wheel.

Round and round we go through each day feeling as though we are unable to jump out of the mundane routines that can suck our drive, creativity and inspiration.

But I recently read something that I think is a great reminder to and for all in life.

Those who have a purpose.

Those who are searching for it.

Those that have the fear of pursuing it.

Those who feel they’ll never find it…

The story explained that in the game of BINGO, EVERY player starts with a “bonus” or “free” square in the middle.

Because it’s a given in the game, most people don’t think too much of it.

They forget the true value it holds…

The value in being as needed to win the game as any other square.

It went on to remind that we all have those “free” squares in our lives.

They are the things that come so easy to us that amaze others. Natural talents. Effortless abilities.

Maybe it’s doing yoga. Consoling and guiding friends. Writing. Figuring out a RUBICS cube (though I am guilty of peeling of the colors and sticking them on the corresponding side…that doesn’t count…though it does hilgiht one’s ingenuity…I’m bias)

It’s usually the things we shrug off as being “nothing”.

They’re things we may have continuously received compliments on, but it comes so naturally that we sweep it under the rug.

And days go by. We feel no direction.

We forget the value of that “given”.

It’s in playing the “Free” square of our natural abilities that may lead us to our purpose, guide us to our passion, help us overcome the mandatory bumps in the road.

Take a second to recognize your “free” square in life.

Realize the benefit, asset and gift it provides you and those around you.

Never take it for granted.

Never think it is worth nothing.

And with that attitude, you’re guaranteed to win at the life that is uniquely and beautifully yours.



**You can find the story cited, in this inspiring BOOK.