You know that feeling….

THat feeling that you can do it all.

Conquer it all.

Get through it all.


You enter any situation or place almost as if you own the joint.

All is right.

All that isn’t, will soon be.

You’re safe.

All is sound.

You have the unquestionable and unshakeable knowledge that you are deeply loved.

For all that you are.

All that you’ll be.




Then loss occurs.

In any shape or form.

A job, relationships, assumption, dream.


You have a feeling of self-doubt, instability and a fear to take one step forward.

It happens…



One of my favorite guided meditations to lead is the ‘feeling of love’ meditation, as I call it.

You go back to that place.

That safe place and power of a love someone/somethings showed you, which in turn bestowed you with a confidence and assurance that all will be well…even amazing.

Mid-way through the meditation, I ask them to release the image/place/feeling , but to hold on to the energy.

It’s tough.

It can be painful.

But as they breathe through it. Inhaling the love. Exhaling the fear of being in a world that is far from what they dreamed.



It’s a meditation I personally guide myself through on days where I just need that extra oomph…. it’s that reminder that the invincible feeling I had in the past wasn’t dependent solely on a person I was with, but was one created within myself.

I can still feel it.

The worthiness in me.


It’s a meditation that is a reminder that within each of us is an unconditional love that knows no boundaries, or rules on when and how and where to come forth.


It’s a meditation that leaves you with the reminder that:

you will rock.

you will kick ass.

And you will do it eyes wide open. Fearlessly.


Because it’s in there. In each of us. Never forget that.