About Me



That’s me. Up there!

Enjoying a popsicle and the summer weather.

No care in the world but how many stripes I could wear at once.

And this is me now:


I’m not much different, other than my lack of striped apparel (still eating popsicles).

I’m a free spirit, rebel with a cause, explorer and lover of life and people.

I found some of this passion after losing my husband, who was killed in Baghdad, Iraq.

I learned that loss was a powerful tool, that when used correctly, could not only teach you how finite life truly is, but how to live it fully with that knowledge.

In that pursuit to share and learn from those who shared in such sudden loss, I created a non-profit, the American Widow Project, and found a place that my heart felt at home.

A place to share, empower, be strengthened, and learn amongst the most amazing military widows and widowers.

(Like These Guys:)


Through my adventures, I have learned and taken on a myriad of tools to make sure that I am up to date on living life to the fullest and finding ways to share the strength of self-empowerment and being ones truest and most authentic self.

From skydiving to firewalk instruction to meditating in India, I have made it my pursuit to dig deep and allow others to see that the shovels waiting right next to them.


Through my work, I’ve had the honor of receiving some awards (see below) and on one of those evenings of honor, I met my newest adventure (and adventure mate), Luke (see hot, tall dude below) ❤ .


Our souls, hearts and paths crossed at perfect times….

And with that  alignment of sorts, is taking us on an exploration of the world!

A journey that will undoubtedly be filled with surprises, challenges, love and the unknown!


This site is a mix of the stuff I love to do, the places I will see/have seen, the lessons I have learned and everything in between.

More than anything, this site will be typed love.

So browse around, peruse and leave me a note;

Most importantly,  live on!


P.S. Though accolades are never definitive of a person and their character, I have had the amazing opportunity of being awarded the following with the work I’m so blessed and honored to do:

  • Top 10 CNN Hero of 2011
  • One of Newsweek Magazine’s “150 Women Who Shake the World”
  • Diller-Von Furstenburg Foundation’s “People’s Voice Award” Recipient
  • L’Oreal’s 2010 National Woman of Worth Recipient
  • VH1’s Do Something Award Recipient
  • One of Glamour Magazine’s 21 Amazing Young Women of 2011
  • “Texan of the Year” Finalist
  • Central Texas NASW Public Citizen of the Year
  • Citizen Generation’s “Top Philanthropist You Don’t Know Yet”.
  • Austin Woman Magazine’s “10 Women to Watch”

To Have Been Featured in/on:

  • The London Times
  • Newsweek
  • CNN
  • TODAY Show
  • New York Times
  • ABC World News
  • Huffington Post